Borderline Arts Ensemble

The Borderline Arts Ensemble is a project-based performing arts collective from Wellington, NZ. Established in 2015 by dancer and choreographer Lucy Marinkovich to facilitate her choreographic work, the groups primary medium is contemporary dance performance. Regular collaborators include tenor saxophonist and composer Lucien Johnson, and filmmaker Jeremy Brick. 

The_Bosch_Box-pm_61_28493-A4 copy.jpg

The Bosch Box

An installation performance using contemporary dance inspired by the painting The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. This multi-media, three dimensional movable feast evolves the mundane and everyday into a world of curiosity and imagination.


Good Good Fortune

Good Good Fortune is a live performance installation that engages the audience in a reflection upon the role of fortune in our lives, and considers our agency in creating our own experiences. Presented by Borderline at INSTINC Art Gallery in Singapore, this project was supported by the Asia NZ Foundation and Creative New Zealand.



A work for Footnote New Zealand Dance Company's nationally touring 2016 NOW Season, choreography by Lucy Marinkovich. Centerfolds explores the power and dynamics of female communities / collectives / groups / species / and societies, employing a series of shifting vignettes to examine the instability of gender stereotyping.